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Benefits of Installing a PVC Curtain to Your Dog’s Crate


There are various things that you can do to keep a cusca caine comfortable, especially when you know that your pet stays in it for a long time or if you need to transport it and be in a vehicle for a few hours. One of which is by installing a PVC curtain to the entrance.

Doing this would come with several benefits, which include:

Provides Good Insulation

Usually, PVC curtains are used in factories, particularly those that deal with frozen goods, because they are quite useful in controlling indoor temperature. If you install this material to your dog’s crate, it can do the same. It will serve as excellent insulation. Your pet will still get to enjoy a comfortable temperature even while inside the kennel for a few hours.

Reduces Noise

Some dogs can be easily distracted by noise, and in some cases, this could aggravate them and may lead to restlessness. You wouldn’t want your dog to be barking or yelping due to the different sounds that are coming from passing vehicles, construction sites, or even the voices of your neighbors. Installing a PVC curtain on the opening of its kennel can certainly help reduce the volume of outside noise. Therefore, your pet can rest peacefully.

Easy to Pass Through

Unlike a traditional dog crate door, PVC curtains are easy to pass through. This gives your pup the freedom to go in and out of his crate as he pleases. He can just get out if he needs to go pee or potty.


High Quality

PVC curtains are highly in demand because of their great quality. They can withstand extreme temperature while keeping the inside of the crate cool enough for your pooch.

Low Maintenance

PVC strip curtains are also easy to maintain. Unlike the other types of entrances to a dog’s crate, they don’t come with moving parts. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about repairing them. All you have to do is simply to clean them once in a while, and that would be it.


PVC is probably the most affordable material of a barrier that you can find on the market. They may be low in price, but not when it comes to quality. This is a great alternative if you are trying to keep your dog’s crate comfy, but your budget is limited.


What’s the benefit of having a transparent entrance to a crate? This allows you to still observe the activities of your pet even if it is inside its crate.



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