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Easy Guide to Help You Identify the Right Cigar for You

Have you been smoking the same brand of cigar since you started smoking? If you are not the adventurous type who does not wander from one product to another, you may not actually know the best cigar out there for you. For the more adventurous cigar smokers, ScotchCigars.com’s list of the 25 best cigars available in the US in 2020 might be very helpful in your search.

Even with health concerns regarding the use of tobacco and the stiff competition from standard and e-cigarettes, there is still a growing number of cigar smokers. For cigar hobbyists, cigar smoking is an enjoyable thing to do as it enhances relaxation and can be a help them while away their time.

The more popular brands of cigars in the US come from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua, although locally manufactured cigars are getting started to be noticed. With several brands of cigar, it may be overwhelming to try them all and judge for yourself.

Here are some tips that can help you find the right cigar for you.

Read Critics’ Reviews

The list of 25 best cigars by ScothCigars.com is a few of cigar reviews that you can go over. It is useful as the list of potential brand is screened down. You can read through all the details and further narrow down your choices according to the important details presented in the reviews. The good thing about the review is that it does not include cigars that are not available yet for local consumption.

Listen to Other Cigar Smokers

You can go to individual websites of cigar manufacturers go over all the customer reviews. You will come to discover the strengths and weaknesses of a product from a consumer’s point of view. From the taste to the price, shipment issues, and other concerns, you will know which brand may fit your standards.

Try Your Friends’ Brands

If you have some friends who smoke cigar like you, there may be no harm in having a sip on their cigars. By doing so, you will not spend any cent on a pack of cigar that does not conform your expectations. You can easily know the taste, aroma, and feel of a cigar with just a single sip.

When you get hold of the cigar, feel it between the fingers you use to hold your cigar. Is it not too big or is it just the exact size and shape? Indeed, the shape and length of a cigar can help you determine your comfort while smoking.

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