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How to Choose a Hand Priming Tool

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The hand priming tool will seat the primers quickly. Still, it is also a safety mechanism that separates the seating operation from the primer supply to help reduce tray detonation risk. This tool can be a very valuable addition to the reloading set up.You can check out one of the best hand priming tool on the market, which is much superior when it comes to using the reloading press to help prime your cases. Since it not to be mounted on a bench only, you can take them anywhere as they are very flexible when it comes to loading.

Here are some of the important things you need to know about the priming tool before making any purchase.


This is one of the most key features of a hand priming tool. The tool will never do you lots of good when you can only prime some dozen cases before you are tired. You will also get a priming tool that can help fire comfortable in your hand and one that is capable of having a long operation stroke together with a contoured grip.
You can consider steering off priming tools that need you to use the thumb in depressing the lever. In case you struggle with hand strength, there are non-portable priming tools that mount to a bench and allow you to use your arm in prime cases.


safetySafety is an important concern when it comes to using the hand priming tool. Priming is considered one of the major dangerous steps when it comes to the loading process when working with unstable and powerful explosives.
Just a single wrong move, and you will have detonation of the primer. Almost all the priming tools do have an extensive safety measure that prevents such things. You will always be interested in a priming tool that can separate priming operations from the primer tray.


The majority of the hand priming tools are very portable. With this, it will make it possible for you to prime your cases anytime at any place. In case you have a long car ride coming up, you should never have any worry as it is possible to several prime cases.
With this, you will be in a position of increasing your load round output and productivity. When you have the hand priming tool, you can be working on your cleaned cases and ensuring they are ready to reload all these while relaxing doing your favorite thing.


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