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Top rated careers in the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry provides services and goods used by people on a daily basis. This sector is also responsible for producing the different types of products and parts used by the business people. It is one of the sectors that provided many job opportunities thereby leading to economic growth. Some of the main industries covered by this sector include food, pharmaceutical, aerospace, textiles, chemical, and automobile. Outlined here below are the top jobs in this industry.

Operations manager

This is the person who oversees and directs a manufacturing plant. This professional is involved in almost all the aspects of the operation thereby ensuring that the plant is producing quality and profitable goods and products. He or she is in charge of developing procedures and policies, ensuring safety and establishing financial budgets in the manufacturing sector. It is a demanding occupation that requires one to have many years of experience especially in the manufacturing industries.

Purchasing managers

Every company will use different materials when making the different products and goods. Purcahing and buyers managers are helpful in purchasing and finding quality materials used in producing the different goods. They work closely with vendors and organizations that produce materials. In addition to that, these professionals have to make sure that the materials purchased have been tested for quality. They also negotiate the price of the materials. For you to work in this field, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree in Economics, business, engineering or any other related discipline.


Engineers are required in the manufacturing organization s to design the different good and products being manufactured. Also, these professionals are helpful in improving the quality, cutting costs and efficiencies of the manufacturing process. This occupation requires someone to have a bachelors degree in the engineering disciplines that are related to the manufacturing environment. These disciplines include Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial engineering.

Fabricators and assemblers

Some of the manufacturing processes require human interaction because they are not automated. These professionals are responsible for providing quality goods and products. They do this by following specific blueprints, instructions. They use all the necessary tools and machines required in assembling the different goods and pieces to produce a finished product.

Both fabricators and assemblers are required to have extensive knowledge in assembling and fabricating complicated products and parts. Some of them are specialized in using manual dexterity in assembling products and parts repetitively on the production or manufacturing line.

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